Tim Melodick is the founder and owner of Pleasures and Treasures. Prior to opening P and T in 2006, Tim taught insurance and Securities (stockbroker) classes for 20 years. He is a veteran and has been sober since 1994.

Original from New Jersey, his interest in leather and fetish started as a result of his exposure to gay films like the movie Cruising. He explored his interest in leather and fetish first in Philadelphia then in Detroit.

Since moving to San Diego, he has expanded his knowledge to include sounding, bondage, impact, role play and other fetishes.

Pleasures and Treasures encourages their customer, staff and associates to learn about leather, BDSM, sensation play, vagina and clitoris stimulation, anal and prostate stimulation. Their goal is to teach and provide information for people who can learn, experience and explore their inner adult.

Anthony Greika is the Manager of Pleasures and Treasures. Prior to working for P and T, Anthony held positions in other adult businesses in San Diego and Ft. Lauderdale. Since moving to San Diego in 2008 he has expanded his knowledge of kink/fetish including toys, tools and equipment needed.

Originally from New Jersey, his first attraction to leather/fetish began at a young age when he first saw Elvis Presley wearing a black leather suit on stage. 

 Anthony is involved in the LGBTQ community, spending his time volunteering and fundraising. He is also a titleholder as Mr. San Diego Leather 2010.

 Anthony is serious about sex and sexuality but approaches the subject in a light hearted warm and friendly way. He wants customers to feel welcome and comfortable to talk and ask questions in an open and safe environment. He thrives to help young couples interested in exploring, the middle aged married couples who want to spice things up and the seniors who are going dealing with health issues, 

 Working at Pleasures and Treasures is more than a job, it’s a rewarding career where he gets the opportunity to help people by educating them to play safe which allows them to have a healthier and happier sexual experience. 

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